Once In a Lifetime

You could feel the anticipation building inside RCSA Innovation Aug. 21. Teachers, students and even members of the media buzzed excitedly between classrooms. Standing in the halls you could hear one word over and over: eclipse.

The eclipse presented a unique learning opportunity for the school and teachers took full advantage. While many schools closed early, RCSA Innovation remained open late so classes could don their protective glasses together and watch the eclipse.

The drizzling, dreary day did not stop the school’s excitement. Students snacked on Moon Pies as they learned about the causes of the eclipse. Many were dressed in all black- ready for their classroom Blackout Party. As the moment of the total eclipse arrived, the classes filed outside excitedly clutching their glasses.

First glance at the clouds above left some students frustrated. But as they kept watched, squeals and screams of delight filled the parking lot as students looked up and saw what they had just studied play out before them- the eclipse.

Thank you to the teachers who went above and beyond to make this day special, and for First Coast News and Action News Jax for joining us.

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