RCSA Mandarin Classes Make Cards for Vegas Victims

Dear Survivor.

That is how 6th and 7th grade students at River City Science Academy- Mandarin addressed cards they wrote Monday to send to Las Vegas following Sunday night’s massacre.

Their teacher, Ashley Hiorns, asked her world history and civics students to write cards to the injured victims in Las Vegas. Her nephew is one of them, hospitalized after being shot in the arm during the concert attack.

Hiorns’ nephew, a seventeen year old honor student and football player, attended the concert with his best friend and his friend’s father.

FB_IMG_1506982242178 (002)



“My nephew was in line getting food when he started hearing loud bangs which he thought were fireworks,” Hiorns said. “He looked around with his best friend, and everyone was wondering is that part of the show?”.

As the gunfire strengthened, the friend’s father forced both boys to the ground and laid on top of them, Hiorns said. The father, a hero, died there, the two boys sheltered beneath him.

Hiorns said the students’ cards will be distributed around the hospital where her nephew is currently resting and healing. The students hope these cards will bring hope or a smile to the injured and their families.

“Many children poured their hearts into these cards and as their teacher, I am very proud,” Hiorns said.

RCSA Mandarin is creating a poster with hand prints of every student that says We Stand United. They will proudly hold this poster at the Jaguars game October 15.

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