Creative Thinkers Shine at Innovation’s Lego Tournament



River City Science Academy Innovation hosted the Second Annual Lego Competition 2018.

Students showed off STEM talents by building innovative Lego structures that told creative stories. Competitors from RCSA Elementary, RCSA Innovation, Fletcher Middle School and Bolles faced off for honors and prizes.

Judges listened to all the stories as the determined who would win awards. Thank you to the RCSA staff, volunteers and parents who helped to make this event a huge success.

Lego Competition 2018 Winners

K- 1st grade

1st Place – “Dragon Summoner” – Max Rivera

2nd Place – “Ninja Lego City” – Ethan Fussell

3rd Place –- “Master Builder” – Carter Parrish (RCSA Elementary)

2nd – 3rd Grade

1st Place – “The Spikey Lizard”–Madalynn Gilley (RCSA Elementary)

2nd Place – “Lego Detroyers” – Alex Keller & Nathan Gregor

3rd Place – “Lego Warriors” – Ephriam & Lucas Rumbach


4th – and up

1st Place – “Rogue Raiders” – Will H. & Nate Z. (Bolles)

2nd Place – “Leather Bee” – Elsie & Lilly Leatherbarrow

3rd Place – “Puggy” – Thomas Scott & Riley Harrison


Honorable Mention – “LIT” House – Issac Brundge

Overall Competition Winners

“The Warriors” –  Dennis, Cheyanna, & Maya Ocon



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