Science Olympiad Wins State Championship

RCSA Science Olympiad Team Wins State Championship; Will Continue to Nationals



ORLANDO: River City Science Academy’s Science Olympiad team won the State Championship Saturday, March 24.

They competed against 42 other teams, placing first at the University of Central Florida in Orlando in a series of 23 events. RCSA will now represent Florida at the national tournament at Colorado State University in May.

“My heart almost stopped,” said Ahmet Dastan, coordinator for Science Olympiad at RCSA. “I am so proud of the team.”

RCSA’s championship team is made of five 9th grade students, 5 in 8th grade and 5 in 7th. They worked tirelessly since the beginning of the school year on nights and weekends to prepare for the events. Students compete in small groups in topics spanning from meteorology and anatomy to building a car and solving a crime.

“I was completely shocked, but at the same time I’m so proud of these kids. They worked so hard to get where they are,” said Gwen Lin, a high school student and middle school coach. “And I’m so excited for Colorado.”




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