Students Travel to Puerto Rico to Film Documentary

Nine students from RCSA Innovation had the opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico to create a documentary about the closure of 280 schools on the island.

Once they arrived, they began with initial interviews and prep.

They then met with and interviewed Father Canice Njoku in Canovanas. He shared with them his experience staying on the island through Irma and Maria, and his journey to help rebuild his community. Both hurricanes left this area of Puerto Rico completely flooded and destroyed; some families still without water and electricity.

They also met with and interviewed teacher and coffee shop owner, Mercedita Ferrero, in Ciales. Mercedita detailed her experiences before, during and after Hurricane Maria, highlighting her perspective on the economic and political needs of the island and how they have contributed to school closures.

After that, the students in Puerto Rico had a busy day traveling across the western coast of the island, meeting with parents, teachers, and students, and learning about the intricate politics surrounding the last and recent school closures.

Despite the political and infrastructure damages inflicted on Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria, the island remains a beautiful and enchanting place. The students were able to enjoy some amazing scenery!

Check out coverage of their trip on Action News Jax:

Thank you to all of the supporters and donors that helped make this trip possible!

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